We differentiate ourselves from other centres because our learners take ownership for their learning. Thus, chalk and talk is minimized, and the learners need to put their thinking caps on. We even encourage them to explain the concepts taught to their classmates, giving them a chance to cement their own learning.


Drilling may be effective for lower order thinking skills and may even seem impressive. However, it’s hardly sustainable for the long haul. We instead engage the learners differently from the way they are used to in school. Thus, they choose to learn, a quality much needed for success in this constantly evolving world.

Structured Feedback

Vital to attaining goals is the learner’s capacity to honestly accept feedback and his or her determination to get better. To facilitate this, the teacher provides structured feedback at critical junctures so that the learner can jointly work out a game plan for improvement.


Overarching targets can be intimidating and downright overwhelming. In fact, meeting these is like trying to scale Mount Everest at one go... A more achievable approach is to set milestone goals that are important yet not unduly daunting, and then build on these cumulatively. For their part, the milestone goals should not be level-based but rather task-based and customized to a learner’s proficiency in various areas.