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As experienced language educators, we saw the need of parents to find a different kind of tuition centre in Singapore. A tuition centre that will meet the unique learning needs of their children. That’s why we formed Chinese First to give parents a new choice that differs from the other generalist group tuition centres in the region. Finding the right tuition centre for your child is not an easy thing. We often settle for what’s more affordable for us, only to realise our children barely made an improvement. We recognise this and made sure that we can help you make the right choice. Chinese First is successful because we understood the struggles and pain of parents and their children throughout this time of their lives. We differentiate ourselves with other language schools by using our own unique teaching styles that are tailored to suit every child’s learning needs.
PSLE with As 65%
PSLE with Bs 30%
Happy Students 100%
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We Build On Your Success

At Chinese First, we build on your child’s success. You can be sure that we both want the same results- to bring out the best in your child. Because when your child is successful, we are successful too. Our vast experience in teaching adults from different walks of life allowed us to know how language skills can drastically affect the outcome of their personal and career path. By preparing your child for language training as early as lower primary level, not only you give them a gift that no one else can steal but you also give them a skill that will open up endless possibilities throughout their lifetime. Come and build your foundations of success with us!
150145 Exam papers printed
1800 No of student
87600 Study hours clocked